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Body Butter

What is body butter?

Body butter is a skin moisturizer that is solid at room temperature - similar to actual butter, body butter is the oils, fats, and protein components of various seeds and nuts. Similar to regular lotion, body butter will keep skin soft and hydrated. It differs from regular lotion in that there is no water content - body butter is made solely with plant nut butters and oils. That's why body butter is much thicker than your average lotion, but also why it is much more powerful! Without any water, there is so much more room for high quality, nutrient rich, skin repairing plant power. 


What makes an ingredient organic?

An ingredient is organic if it is grown without the use of chemically derived pesticides and herbicides.

Plants sometimes attract pests and weeds. Pests and weeds typically harm the plants, rendering them unusable and unsellable, which is bad. So pesticides and fertilizers were created to help kill off the problem - however, many pesticides and fertilizers are chemically or synthetically derived, and can pose health and environmental risks! So instead, organic farmers find natural, alternative ways to reduce the amount of pests and weeds to increase the health of their plants, while keeping the health of the planet in mind. 

Are your ingredients organic?

All ingredients are certified organic with the exception of the cocoa butter and zinc oxide. Our cocoa butter is produced by Baraka Shea Butter company, where they use sustainable organic farming practices and pay all workers fair trade wages. While their shea butter is certified organic, they are still working on getting the cert for their cocoa butter, and we are here for it! As for zinc oxide - that's an oxidized mineral, no pesticides needed.

How can you ensure safety without preservatives?

All of our products are oil based, and contain no water, therefore there is much less opportunity for bacteria to grow. That being said, we urge our customers to keep their products in a cool, dry, place, and use clean, dry hands when applying the lotion. We suggest keeping your lotion by your bed or dresser, applying after showering and drying off. 

How can I prolong the life of my body butter?

Keep your lotion in a cool, dry place, preferably outside the bathroom and away from sunlight. Wash and dry your hands before applying lotion, as adding water will allow for bacteria to grow. Alternatively, some prefer to use a clean spoon designated for each lotion. Either way, use clean hands or utensils to scoop out the products, just like you would with food. 

How do I know if my stuff has gone bad?

If you use the body butters daily, they will be gone way before six months! However, if your product starts to smell bad or changes color, it might be time to let it go. Shoot me an email at bonnie@thisstuffgoesbad.com right away if you’re concerned about your product going bad faster than it should! 

Shipping & Returns

When will I get my body butter?

All packages are shipped out within two business days, and tracking info will be sent to the email address provided at checkout. Our packages are sent by USPS from Los Angeles, so domestic packages typically take 3-7 business days depending on their destination. International shipping will typically take between 2-4 weeks. 

Do you process returns?

We do not accept returns at this time. If there are any issues with your product whatsoever (i.e. broken during shipping), please email bonnie@thisstuffgoesbad.com with a description of the issue and a photo, and replacements will be sent as soon as possible. Melting, freezing, slight discoloration are all normal from shipping in various weather conditions, but if you have any concerns at all, do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you ship international?


What are your shipping materials?

We use all 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Yes, that may include some old TIME magazines. Body butter AND an interesting read!

How does the jar send back program work?

When you are done with your jars, email me for a free return label at bonnie@thisstuffgoesbad.com! Once I receive the jars, you'll get a 15% off discount code for your next order.