Just say NO

No Preservatives | No Chemicals

With high quality natural ingredients and zero water content, we can safely say NO to preservatives. Many synthetic preservatives have been shown to negatively affect our endocrine system, to release cancer causing substances, or some are even found out in the environment, washed away in the sink or the shower and passed through all of the safety standards in place. Our moisturizers say NO to preservatives and are safe enough to eat - but like all perishable foods, they will go bad. We keep our lotion sealed, scoop it out with clean hands, and use it up within six to nine months to ensure freshness and maximum nutrient absorption. All high quality ingredients, no water, no fillers, no chemicals. 


No Plastics | No Carbon Emissions

We cut the B.S. out of the packaging and say NO to plastic. Our glass jars, metal caps, and recycled paper labels are all 100% recyclable. Our recycled material packaging is all sent by carbon neutral shipping. Even the tape that secures the package is made of recycled paper - no eco-friendly stone is left unturned, and no virgin trees are harmed in the making. With the abundance of paper waste, we believe that we should use what we already have, instead of taking more virgin materials from mama earth. For us, to reuse is to respect the environment from which the natural resources are taken from.  


No Waste. Period.

I created This Stuff Goes Bad with the intent to create a skincare business that is 100% for the planet, for the people, and for healthy, gorgeous skin. Please recycle all of the packaging materials, and reuse your jars when you're done! If you just can't get enough, shoot me an email for your FREE return label so that I can refill your body butter jars - Or find a creative way to reuse your jar and tag @thisstuffgoesbad on Instagram and Facebook. Seriously, I love to see it!