DAY Body Butter by This Stuff Goes Bad, photographed with sunflowers
Day body butter by This Stuff Goes Bad. Back Label
DAY. whipped body butter with sun protection
shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, zinc oxide, vitamin e oil, lemon essential oil, and blood orange essential oil. that's it.

    DAY. whipped body butter with sun protection


      Say no to preservatives and yes to body butter that melts into your skin! This product does in fact go bad within six to ten months, so use it while it's fresh!

      Ingredients with serious purpose (aka all of them):

      🌿Fair trade shea and cocoa butters form a strong skin barrier and reduce inflammation.

      🌿Jojoba oil and olive oil promote serious hydration with anti-aging properties.

      🌿Vitamin E oil fights free radicals and reduces sun damage.

      🌿Zinc oxide naturally protects from the sun.

      🌿Citrus oils brighten your skin and awaken the senses!

      Size Reference
      1.3oz will last you about 2-4 weeks
      3.5 oz will last you about 1-2 months
      7oz will last you about 3-4 months


      Get ready and stay ready all day long with hydrating and nourishing body butter handcrafted in LA.

      Made in LA | zero waste, zero bullsh*t


      shea butter*, cocoa butter, jojoba oil*, olive oil*, vitamin e oil*, non-nano zinc oxide, blood orange essential oil*, and lemon essential oil*. that's it. *organic.
      + HOW TO USE

      Apply every day on clean, dry skin.

      Strong enough for cracked hands and feet, gentle enough to use on face and sensitive skin.

      Remember, this is a thicker, oil based moisturizer, so a little goes a LONGGG way! Start small, add more when needed.

      Keep your jar in a cool, dry place - the natural shea butter can melt in hot spots or in direct sunlight. Don't worry though! Melted body butter can easily be cured, pop that baby in the fridge for a cool and soothing moisturizer, perfect for those hot summer nights.


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